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April Contest for Artists on Demand's Harry Potter: Countdown to the End

Hey Everyone,

We had our March Harry Potter: Countdown to the End show last Monday, It was tons of fun.

I have to say thank you to Maggie who came on to talk about her experiences in the Harry Potter world. It was great to hear from a fan about everything. She was wonderful.

We mainly discussed Hogwarts, the Houses, and Hermione Granger. You can download the show for free on ITUNES just look up ArtistsonDemand.

In this show we also introduced a new contest to get Hermione Granger’s hat replica of the one she wore in the Half-Blood Prince. The new contest is to send in a fan fiction (one shot), fan art, fan video, fan poetry, or fan graphic to and we will pick the winner. The deadline for this contest is April 11 2PM PST/5PM EST and we will announce the winner on the April 11th Countdown show.
Another contest is the keyword contest. After each show I say a keyword and at the end of all the countdown shows the first person to e-mail me all the keywords after the last countdown show will win a really cool Gryffindor T-Shirt (pictured below) and a copy of “Harry Potter and Philosophy: a guide for Muggles.” So definitely listen in for your chance to to win! Make sure you write down those keywords so you can win these cool prizes!

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We ran out of time to discuss Ginny Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks, but have no fear we will finish talking about these wonderful and powerful ladies on the April show as well as talking about Government and Media in the books. How it is portrayed the different types and so on.

Get to creating some awesome Potter art!

In Potter,
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